Noble Events were tasked with launching the all new Honda electric car to the UK media, in a safe and responsible manner. We took their tried and tested press launch format and adapted it to a COVID safe scenario, which was paramount for the client. The other key requirement was that the venue put forward needed to be funky in order to reflect the car being launched.

The event was to cater for 12 journalists a day, across seven days in June 2020. The concept proposed by Noble Events, which really impressed the client, was to create a drive-in cinema style experience whereby journalists received the presentation within their own launch car to limit contact and adhere to social distancing.


We needed a venue to reflect the coolness of the car. It also needed to have lots of outdoor space in order for the event to adhere to social distancing and to comfortably house the outdoor cinema concept.

After conducting three challenging site inspections to venues that were not officially open, it was clear that Amber Lakes was exactly what the client was looking for.

Amber Lakes offers a beautiful central setting with a vast amount of outdoor space. They were incredibly focused on delivering a COVID safe event which was clear to see at every touch point.


On arrival, guests were offered individual bottled juice and smoothies before being escorted to their personal vehicle for the entirety of the launch. From the safety of the vehicles, guests were taken through the technical presentation including having the sound transmitted into the car speakers from the big screen.

After the presentation guests sat down to their outdoor pre-ordered pizza, which was cooked in front of them in a woodfired pizza oven and served in individually branded pizza boxes on branded picnic blankets. Each night the vehicles were cleansed inside and out and sealed with a branded safety sticker.

Following lunch, the journalists were invited to undertake a road route to showcase the vehicle. With one journalist per car, it was easy to keep this section of the event COVID secure and gave the journalists confidence that their safety was at the forefront.


This was a fantastic event that was very well received by both press and clients. The feedback received during and post event was superb and it was a pleasure to watch the UK media buzzing to be back at a face to face event.

“It was, as usual, a great pleasure to work with my extended team at Honda to produce another fun, interesting and successful launch. I’m so happy that the venue, presentation idea and drive all worked so well. It was so good to hear the enthusiasm from the journalists about being back out doing what they love and even better to hear the great feedback on the car” – Katie Stephens, Senior Event Manage, Noble Events

“Once again, thank you. You seamlessly blended in to the Honda team and helped make it a joy, as always… supported by Katie at Noble Events, for rising to the COVID challenge and putting on a launch which not only met this head-on but surpassed journalist expectations.” – Simon Branney, PR Manager, Honda UK