So why work with an event agency?

We know that putting on an event requires a lot of work and a team of experienced people from the creative to onsite operations and everything in between. When you embark on a lasting relationship with an event agency, you’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge borne from constant improvement and learnings. An agency can easily scale up a team when extra hands are needed to negotiate a challenge.


Knowledge, Creativity  & Trust

The advantages of working with an event agency

Technology has transformed business, instantly connecting companies to their customers, clients and prospects, yet it has not replaced the power of making real, personal connections. Shared experiences and time together still form stronger bonds than any number of emails or conference calls. 

This is why, whether it’s to launch a new product, host an annual conference or simply bring an organisation together, there will always be a need for events.  It’s vital to ensure they’re a success.



The knowledge to guide you through a complex process.

  • Organising an event is like a journey with a series of crucial milestones, from the initial client briefing, the agency response, the booking of venues and suppliers, to guest invitations, organisation of travel and the post-event washup and learnings.
  • Every stage has potential pitfalls that an experienced agency can guide you through by anticipating issues before they arise.

Specialist knowledge

  • Behind the showmanship of the live event there is specialist expertise required to navigate legal requirements such as health and safety, data protection, confidentiality, environmental requirements, and management of sub-contractors.

Knowledge borne of experience

  • Bringing an event in on budget is always a challenge, so an agency with a proven track record will know exactly where money can be saved, as well as where it should be spent, to deliver the best results.
  • It’s the little things that can make a difference. Working with people who’ve done it many times before will ensure you get the details right, like finger food that won’t drip on a client’s shirt or avoidable mistakes such as not having a vegan option as standard.

The shared knowledge that builds over time.

  • If you embark on a lasting relationship with an event agency, you’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge borne from constant improvement and learnings.
  • You’ll soon find that your agency becomes an expert on your brand guidelines as well as picking up on important things such as which speakers have been previously well received.




  • In an increasingly homogenised world, the ability to stand out from the crowd with an original take on a product, brand or theme is what makes you feel fresh and original.
  • This is a challenge that agencies meet every day. Their planners and designers are skilled at finding ways to bring your objectives and your event to life in a three dimensional and human way.


  • It’s far easier to complicate than it is to simplify. Taking multiple themes and messages and transferring them into a coherent experience is at the heart of creating a great event experience and a challenge that a good agency will be adept at meeting.


  • Leaving your guests with a lasting impression that they’ll enthuse about to friends and colleagues is one of the biggest challenges when creating an event.
  • Success is usually found in achieving balance. Enough elements to impress but not so much that they overpower. Enough organised activity to engage but not at the expense of time to bond, network with customer or colleagues or just absorb.
  • Your agency will help you find the perfect tension to make your event unforgettable.

A golden thread

  • By starting with a core event idea, your agency will be able to artfully weave it though the whole guest experience.
  • This might manifest itself as language, design or a theme that builds from the invitation to the big reveal on the day.
  • In viewing an event in its totality, from the first moment of contact with a guest through to the parting gifts, an agency can create a more interesting and meaningful journey for your guests.




  • Putting on an event requires a lot of work, some pressure and a team of experienced people. An agency can easily scale up a team when extra hands are needed to negotiate a challenge, so you don’t need to worry.


  • The challenge that agencies meet constantly is to evolve and re-invent year on year to keep events fresh and up to date. With their fingers on the pulse of new technology or trends you can rely on your agency to keep you at the leading edge.


  • Finally, the most important reason you put on an event is to spend quality time with your guests. Be they clients, customers, staff or the media, trusting an agency to deliver your event means you can focus on what’s really important.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”
Albert Einstein

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”
Edward de Bono


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