Delivering International Events During UK Lockdown

As the UK entered lockdown for the third time in the autumn of 2020, live events were very much ‘on hold’. However, whilst we had to continue to be patient at home, other parts of the world were already opening up and beginning the journey back to normal life, including the UAE, where Noble Events has had a branch office since 2015.  Dubai, although cautious and still following stringent government guidance, was permitting events to take place in […]

Events During Lockdown

For several months now, Noble Events has been planning Covid-secure events for our clients. It’s becoming the new norm. So we asked two of our senior event managers, Lydia and Katie, about how they tackled the challenges, what they did differently and what they were particularly proud of.  What did you have to do differently in the planning […]

The importance of a good night’s sleep

This year’s #EventWell20 campaign is highlighting the importance of providing better support for employees and making positive changes to workplace culture and mental health. Throughout the month of September, events and activities will be dedicated to the magic of getting a good night’s sleep, being active, keeping moving and regular exercise and a healthy diet […]

The UK’s First Socially – Distanced Car Launch – Honda Jazz

With the world being at a standstill for the last 3 months, many sectors have been anxious to restart business and have eagerly awaited the government’s go ahead. In the UK restrictions have partially been lifted, allowing corporations to move again, albeit slowly. However, with Covid-19 still lingering in the foreground, the challenge that lies […]

An Interesting Time To Intern

Off to start my new internship at Noble Events, I was eager, energetic and ready to work. I’d been given the job as valuable work experience before going off to university in 6 months’ time. I thought I’d fit right into Marketing & Business Development – given my background in social media marketing – and hopefully I’d gain some good experience learning on […]

5 Top tips to working from home for event professionals

Working from home sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? No commute so you’ve got all that extra free time to do all the things you usually struggle to find time to do . . . and it’s “dress down Friday” everyday! Many companies see the benefits of offering employees flexible working and for […]

Putting sustainability at the heart of your event

Sustainability has reached its tipping point. No longer simply a “nice to have,” it’s now a top priority for governments, companies and individuals.  This new attitude should not stop the hosting of successful brand events, but it does mean that both brands and their agencies need to be more conscious of their actions and set […]

Getting the best out of your agency

Whether it’s a product launch or a gala dinner, a large-scale conference or a boutique gathering, events breathe life and humanity into your brand. It’s therefore important to know how to get the best from your events agency.    A good brief is the cornerstone to success Start early and with clearly defined objectives. A good brief […]

So why work with an event agency?

We know that putting on an event requires a lot of work and a team of experienced people from the creative to onsite operations and everything in between. When you embark on a lasting relationship with an event agency, you’ll benefit from the cumulative knowledge borne from constant improvement and learnings. An agency can easily […]