5 Top tips to working from home for event professionals

Working from home sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? No commute so you’ve got all that extra free time to do all the things you usually struggle to find time to do . . . and it’s “dress down Friday” everyday!

Many companies see the benefits of offering employees flexible working and for most of us it’s an awesome way to help manage our work life balance whilst remaining productive. It’s great sharing morning coffee and lunchtime catch ups with colleagues in the office, but we all know that these social benefits can be challenging when you just need a quiet space to work.

On the flip side, working from home comes with its own challenges, children and pets being two of them! If you suddenly find yourself working from home for a longer period of time it’s important to establish a routine early on that works for you and maximises productivity at the same time.

Take a look at these 5 top tips from our team, enjoy!


1 – Establish a Morning Routine

Group Account Director Neil says, use that extra time when you aren’t travelling to work to be productive. If you’re an early riser, don’t wait around for the clock to strike 9am, grab yourself a coffee – or green juice post run or gym if that’s more your bag – and start work earlier.

Having a bit of quiet time early on with no distractions i.e calls, video conferences etc gives you space to jump right into your to-do list. Getting ahead of your day early on means you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by incoming tasks throughout the day.

Why not use this time to keep yourself up to date with industry news and trends? In a world where traditional face to face events aren’t possible spend some time looking for creative virtual solutions or talk to an event management agency who can help you plan a successful virtual event.


2 – Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Senior Event Manager Katie says, the day in life of an event professional means we spend a lot of time on our feet doing what seems like an infinite number of steps so the opportunity to put your weary feet up sounds like pure joy!But slouching on the sofa with a laptop balanced on your knees isn’t as great as it sounds, trust us, we’ve tried it! Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s also the place you are likely going to want and sit and relax in the evening.

Make sure you have a clearly defined workspace at home. If you’re fortunate enough to have a home office that’s perfect. If not, then identify a space where you can sit comfortably with as little distraction as possible and ideally a place you can close the door on at the end of your working day to separate work time from home time.


3 – Take a Break and Make time to Move

Operations Director Sarah says, that doesn’t just mean trips to the kitchen for coffee and snacks. Go outside, walk the dog, run or take an online exercise class.

We all know the benefits of exercise on our physical and mental health so make sure you step away from your desk and move. Take time to eat lunch. Skipping lunch in favour of snacking on biscuits isn’t going to get you anywhere. And you might find that a lunchtime stroll helps you push past that mid-afternoon slump. Use this opportunity to boost creativity for the next event you’re working on.


4 – Stay Connected

Senior Event Manager Kate says, curb isolation by embracing tech to remain connected to your colleagues. Video calling/conferencing is by far our favourite way of keeping in touch and collaborating. Virtual engagement and human interaction are key to maintaining a successful team of remote employees!

Schedule regular calls with colleagues whether its brainstorming for a new event brief or sharing the latest industry trends.


5 – Plan for Tomorrow

Business Development Manager Faye says, some people may find themselves more productive in the evenings than morning, but it does help if you’ve set a time to end your working day and move away from your workspace. Yes, we know that sometimes you have an urgent deadline to meet which means a little later finish, but on the whole try to manage this as effectively as possible so it doesn’t become the norm.

Have your list of priorities ready to tackle in the morning so you’ll be better prepared and make sure you leave your work devices in your workspace so that work and personal space don’t merge into one.

We hope these top tips help you stay productive when working from home.