GM Chevrolet Tahoe: city to desert

In this hybrid activation for GM Chevrolet we revealed the Tahoe to the media via live broadcast, provided the most epic desert setting to create impactful content for print and screen and put the Tahoe through its paces- from the city to a desert oasis.

A hotly anticipated launch and the first post Covid event for the brand, we kicked the activation off with a broadcast to our hybrid audience from GM’s Training Centre in Dubai. Once our virtual audience departed, our live attendees drove in convoy to leave the shining metropolis of the city behind and make their way out through the desert.

The most breath-taking locations were selected and primed for content creation with the car, capturing the most iconic and impactful coverage.

Al Maha provided fine-dining sanctuary. Remote and exquisite. Rugged luxury, perfectly aligned with the Tahoe and the ideal finale to an unforgettable experience.

Coverage from this experience was amplified and shared globally upon the car’s entry to market in the Middle East.