Noble Events invests in company-wide emotional resilience training

resilience training

Resilience refers to both the process and the outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences. We love our industry but it’s no secret that it has its fair share of challenges, and the pressures of the last few years have led to many event professionals feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Whilst some people are more resilient by nature, research demonstrates that the resources and skills associated with greater resilience can be practiced and developed.

Noble Events is keen to support all employees in developing the ability to recover quickly from the stresses and strains of life as an event professional, and perhaps even to grow and improve as a result. With this in mind, Managing Director Sarah Cox asked Julian Hall of award-winning facilitators Calm People to put together a bespoke development programme for the agency, which kicked off with a hugely successful session for the Senior Leadership Team in early January 2023. This was followed by two sessions with our UK team in Loughborough as well as an online session for our Dubai-based team, ensuring that all employees, including one who only started that week, could benefit from the training.

Reflecting after the sessions were completed, Sarah said, “Julian did a fantastic job helping us all develop an understanding of our own level of emotional resilience and providing us with tools, techniques, and strategies to build and manage this crucial aspect of our personal wellbeing. We were delighted with how well the workshops were received by the team and look forward to organising follow ups in due course. Its great to see some of the approaches we discussed already being put into practice!”

Here’s what the team had to say:

“Well, what a day that was! It was so revealing, with the tools to help me manage the emotions that were unearthed. Julian was so open and easy to listen to. I never once looked at my watch as his day was so engaging! We laughed and cried but for all the right reasons.” Jan McDonald, Office Manager

“I found the Emotional Resilience training extremely interesting; it gave me the opportunity to really consider myself and how I am such an overthinker, giving me the tools to manage my inner thoughts and stresses to ensure I am working to the level I want to be. Instead of always thinking ‘I should’ be doing something, I am now thinking ‘I could’ which is making a huge difference. I had the training almost 6 months ago and the tools are still very much present in my everyday business and personal life. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know the members of the Senior Leadership Team on a more emotional level giving us insight in how we can work together to be the best team we can be.” Kate Hodson-Walker, Account Director

“I think the training has helped to identify negative emotions and find ways, by breaking down those negative emotions, to realise what you need to do make you ‘happy’. There aren’t really any techniques it’s more a realisation of the negative emotions.” Richard Glover, Finance Director

“Attending the emotional resilience training provided me with some great take away tools to implement in my day-to-day life. One of those is to start introducing a 3-minute 7/11 breathing break every hour to re-focus myself. Breathing in for 7 and out for 11 will allow me time to stop and give myself a short break to unwind for a few minutes, enabling me to get my head back in my work feeling clearer, focused and refreshed.” Georgia Ash, Event Manager

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