MHAW Commitment

Noble Events signed up to the Mental Health at Work Commitment several months ago and we have been focusing recently on the mental health of our team, clients and suppliers as the world starts to tentatively open up.

Lockdown has been incredibly hard for everyone in the events industry, but the long-awaited return to ‘normality’ is going to bring with it inevitable challenges, as we learn to trust and feel comfortable with those outside our bubbles.

Blended working is a helpful stepping stone, and the excitement we all now feel on our ‘office days’ has yet to wane. In the words of Sarah Cox, Operations Director, “the key is to ensure that collaboration, peer support and mentoring are prioritised alongside productivity and service levels. The lessons we’re learned in terms of communication and connection over the last year or so will only serve to strengthen our working relationships in the future, both internally and externally”.

Referring to the Mental Health at Work Commitment, Managing Director Penny Noble said “By signing, Noble Events has committed to achieving better mental health outcomes and a genuine longer term positive impact on the wellbeing of our people. We believe this is just as important for a small agency like ours as it is for the growing number of larger household name organisations already signed up, and we’re proud to be an employer who recognises the importance of promoting staff wellbeing.”

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