Local skills

Noble Events is proud to join forces with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce by participating in the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) for Leicester and Leicestershire. Investing in skills for future business needs within the community will help the next generation in the local area to develop skills and knowledge that may not already be available to them and will give them more opportunities for career development in the future. This will also have a big impact in sourcing the right local talent for our business and our industry going forward.

The idea behind this initiative in Leicestershire is to identify local employers’ skill needs so that training providers, schools and colleges can align their education offering accordingly. The aim is to bridge the skills gap between us and the local community, and help local businesses find potential employees with the right skillset in their locality.

Sarah Cox, Deputy Managing Director of Noble Events says “We are passionate about the events and communications industry and recognise that it is crucial for training and development to be aligned to both the present and future needs of businesses in a practical way. This initiative will help target skills gaps locally which can only be a good thing.”

What is a Local Skills Improvement Plan?

A Local Skills Improvement Plan – or LSIP for short – is a tool being produced on a locality-by-locality basis to help educators better respond to the needs of local businesses. Further Education Colleges must consider the LSIP when planning their curriculum. It has been commissioned by Government, with 38 being delivered across England. The plan will be produced for summer 2023 and will contain recommendations for improvements in how the educators and employers in Leicester and Leicestershire interact. For example, this may involve what the curriculum offers, how this is communicated or how businesses can better engage educators.

Who is involved in creating the LSIP?

The LSIP is produced through a collaboration of businesses, education providers, support agencies and the public sector. The East Midlands Chamber, the Chamber of Commerce for Leicester and Leicestershire, is facilitating the partnership and in Leicester and Leicestershire, a steering group is helping to shape the Plan. This group consists of organisations representing business membership organisations, Further Education Colleges, independent training providers, careers advisors, the Job Centre, universities, schools, examining bodies and local authorities.

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