Honda Heritage Fleet Event

The purpose of this event was to showcase the Honda Heritage car fleet to the media. The event took place at a beachfront hotel close to Barcelona.

Eleven vehicles were selected to give the press attendees the opportunity to experience over 40 years of the Honda brand.

Attendees commented on what an unusual concept the event was – something they hadn’t experienced previously with any other brand. They particularly enjoyed driving the older vehicles in the fleet.

Journalists were greeted with welcome drinks and dinner on the beach. The following day saw them experience a full day of driving, with short routes created to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to drive as many cars as they wished to.

To maximise time on the road, refreshments were informal during the day, with an ice cream van standing by!

Journalists had the choice to depart after the drive, or to extend their stay and be joined by a partner to enjoy the hotel facilities or visit nearby Barcelona. The event ended with a beach party and firework display.