Honda Motor Europe
European Press Launches

Date(s): 4-6 launches throughout the calendar year 
(January to April and September to December)

Location: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and occasionally further afield including South Africa / Qatar

Brief outline of work undertaken, including the goals the client wanted to achieve.

The goal is to showcase the latest motorcycle in its best possible form which means we need good roads and a great location.  Journalists need to be kept happy from the moment they arrive to the second they leave which includes good hotel, good food, good communication and importantly a smooth customer journey.

Each event has 6-7 groups which consists of top motorcycle journalists from across Europe and their Honda Country PR representatives.

It’s NEL’s job to pull together all agencies involved in these launches (Video/photo/route specialist/garage and technical teams).  The team onsite is over 30pax and we pride ourselves on making sure their time onsite is easy and pain free.

Our responsibilities onsite include:

  • Lead agency
  • Venue sourcing, negotiations and contracting for hotel, lunch and coffee stops
  • Travel and transfers for all staff and guests
  • Delegate management including full registration site, personalised joining instructions and all onsite comms including personalised welcome letter and itinerary
  • Sourcing of any production equipment for technical presentation
  • Sourcing of all garage related equipment for safety and security of the motorbikes

What were the specific challenges the client had or that you could predict, when they approached you?

Finding good roads with a good standard hotel is a challenge as we need a tick in the box on all the following elements:-

  • good accessibility for large transporter
  • can fit bikes in the meeting room
  • underground carparking for both support bikes, launch bikes and bike maintenance
  • enough event offices for events/photo/video teams
  • a nice restaurant for journalist dinner
  • a separate restaurant for staff buffet
  • enough bedrooms to accommodate each group staying 2 nights
  • A hotel that is on brand and says the right thing about the bike being launched
  • Good flight access for journalists to fly direct particularly when launches are out of season (a lot of the hotels are closed when we want to use them – out of season)

What specific solutions or services did you provide to address the logistical challenges of the project and why?

Noble Events do high level research including flight research to assist initially with the location (country/area)

Further detailed research on hotels is then carried out, with an extensive vetting process.  We try to look outside the box and create solutions where necessary, for example building garages or using semi permanent structures for garaging or even using meeting rooms for the garage.  Another example is using Suites for event offices.

We always carry out a detailed site inspection with all agencies and client decision makers and forensically analyse / stress test the various options.

We then provide the client with a detailed event plan, allowing for contingencies where necessary and incorporating everything we’ve learned on the site inspection. These events, particularly those that take place in the early spring, are often in venues/locations where it is off season, so there are not many plan B options as other hotels, food outlets, fuel/automotive suppliers etc are shut!

Share the details of specific examples or instances where your team went above and beyond on this project or took an unusual approach to overcome complex logistical obstacles?

We work with the hotels and help them see how we can get the most out of their space giving them ideas and suggestions which would not normally be part of their offering.

Having operated these events for many years, Noble Events are able to use their expertise to go the extra mile for example we carefully pair the journalist dinner menu to the countries attending.

The crew are onsite for 2-3 weeks and the standard crew catering options are often limited/repetitive/uninspiring – we work with the hotel to provide crew catering that will actually make the time feel inspired to get up and get on with their job for such a prolonged period.

How did your problem-solving approach make a difference in the outcome of the project?

Being able to use a route that works well for the bike, means we very often have to adapt our logistical offering at the hotel to fit in with whats needed.  This makes sure that both the venue and the route are not compromised and work well and are perfect for the launch.

What were the results and benefits the client experienced as a result of working with you on their metalwork project and how did this make them feel?

Ultimately the best results for both the client and Noble Events are that the journalists have a smooth and fantastic launch from beginning to end – both logistically but also that the bike is shown to its best potential.

Longevity of our relationship with HME bikes (16years) gives the client the benefit of our knowledge and experience and makes them feel confident that we will deliver to their brief and beyond on these events.

“I’d like to thank the Noble Events team for their excellent support, we had some difficulties in Marseille/hotel but due to their help we could finally run the garage as usual ensuring the event was not compromised”  Martin Koch, Head of R&D

“Thank you for  being irreplaceable cogs in this crazy machine and to Noble Events for your logistical excellence.  Amazing work one and all, thank you for everything” Matt McCabe Brown, Motorcycle PR Events & Communications Section Manager

The feedback we have received from clients has been so unbelievably positive… and the planning and execution was flawless throughout.

Financial services and Fintech client

“It is always a pleasure to work with the Noble Events team: committed, knowledgeable, supportive and highly professional….. Turning around our most recent event from initial contact to delivery in 4 weeks illustrates what an amazing team we make! Thank you for all your wonderful support and guidance; we did it.“

Andrew Pilkington, Managing Director

Genesis Motor UK Limited

“…your team is a huge breath of fresh air…really valuable input to both the event and the strategy around it”.


“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your support in making the event last week such a great success.“

Financial services client

“We would thoroughly recommend working with Noble Events”



“Their sense of fun coupled with dedicated professionalism and a very thorough approach ensures any event they are involved with is a joy to work on.”


“Noble Events run everything with utmost attention to detail from start to finish”


“I trust your team implicitly, and am guided by their well-informed and well-thought-through recommendations.

…I just wanted to make you aware of how much of an impact your team is making and how happy I am that we signed up with you guys.”



“Your team handled everything calmly and professionally – we all really enjoy working with the Noble team. On to the next one!!“

Banking and online payments client

“The team continue to impress and I look forward to working on many more events with Noble in the future.”




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