Volvo V60 Media Launch

The V60 Media Launch, delivered in July 2018, was Noble Events’ first event for Volvo. The launch saw 30 journalists attending each day, with three waves in total.

The theme of the event drew on the V60’s connectivity capability and Scandinavian origin. A display was made of boards which slotted together to create a structure showing different parts of the V60, featuring QR codes which linked to a hosted site providing information on specific parts of the car.

Journalists arrived in the evening for pre-dinner drinks and garden games on the lawn, followed by a relaxed dinner and overnight stay.

The next morning saw a Media Conference followed by a driving experience. The first part of the route took guests to a lunch stop, where a bespoke game “Fill Your Boots” was played. The game was designed to demonstrate the size of the V60’s boot – journalists competed to fill the boot with a variety of items provided, including surf boards and a life-size toy dog.

Having filled the boot, driven across the field and reversed into a parking bay, attendees drove back to the starting point, removed the dog and took a selfie – the winner was the first to complete the challenge and the game was very well received! The driving route continued back to the hotel for refreshments before journalists departed.