Bentley New Flying Spur

The Brief

The launch of Bentley’s New Flying Spur took place in October 2019 at an exclusive house in central London. Noble Events’ brief was to create an exceptional opportunity for HNWIs including VIPs, customers, celebrities and social media influencers, to view the new Flying Spur in luxurious surroundings. As our starting point for the event design, we took the dual car styles of ‘Cool Harmony’ and ‘Storm Noir’ and designed a series of rooms and experiences to engage attendees and immerse them in the brand. This also included an outdoor space for the reveal of the car.

Noble Events was responsible for the entire event, communicating closely with the client to ensure key objectives were achieved. Event deliverables included location scouting and negotiation, production design and build, catering, car reveal, onsite event management and guest management.

Location & Venue

The event was required to be in London’s Regent Park during the Frieze Art Festival weekend, making the venue search particularly tricky as options were limited. Our team sourced a number of private houses and conducted several in-depth site inspections.

A suitable venue was selected, but unfortunately this fell through at the last moment, which required us to source an alternative that was just as stunning. 

The Schedule

Guests arrived from 7pm, with the event kicking off shortly afterwards with a detailed product presentation and reveal of the car whilst drinks were served.

After this the guests were invited to make their way through an array of luxury experiences; an art gallery in conjunction with Maddox, an incredible DJ room with electric violinists, jewellery and branded goods displays and a VR Bentley experience. A particular guest favourite was the tasting room, where superb live chefs created a variety of awe-inspiring dishes.

Guests enjoyed bespoke canapes and cocktails reflecting the juxtaposition of the ‘cool harmony’ and ‘storm noir’ design styles of the New Flying Spur.

The Verdict

This luxury event gave Noble Events the opportunity to showcase our understanding of the world of the HNMI, creating the sort of ‘money can’t buy’ experiences that were needed to bring this event to life.

Despite having less than five weeks of planning time, the event was hailed as one of Bentley’s biggest successes, widely considered to be the highlight of their year. So much so in fact, that they are now using this concept as the benchmark for similar events moving forwards.

Senior Event Manager Kate, said ‘The opportunity to flex our creativity and really ‘think outside the box’ for the New Flying Spur Launch was so exciting. We could only manage it in the very short timeframe as a result of how well we worked together as a team, with the client.  Seeing the end result and the guests having such a great evening made the long hours worthwhile. We were very proud, and I think rightly so.”